Posh Sitting, your family resource, offers an array of sitting services for parents on the go. We make finding a reliable sitter simple and stress free. Whether you need a short-term or long-term, full-time or part-time sitter – or just someone engaging and energetic to care for your child during a vacation or special event – Posh Sitting has the ideal college-educated sitter waiting to become a “big brother or big sister” for your family.

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  • I could really count on Rena! She was absolutely wonderful with my Children!

    - Rachel
  • Brittany was trustworthy, reliable, and overall great with my son.

    - Micky
  • Rachel was wonderful and loving. She really played with my kids. They could not wait for mom and dad to go out again!

    - Julie
  • Julie was lovely. She was everything a mother would look for in a sitter!

    - Lauren
  • Kelly was fabulous, and my kids adored her! She really got down and played with my kids. From dress up to kickball, Kelly can entertain any child!

    - Angela
  • Alexandra is remarkable! She was so professional and always on time, yet compassionate and fun. She would come to babysit with activities already in mind to do my kids.

    - Sharyn
  • Lauren works really well with both children and adults. She is very bubbly, warm and animated with kids! I would use her again!

    - Pam