Summer Fun–Water Balloon Games

With the hot summer days in full swing, we are all looking for new ways to keep our kids active outdoors, while staying cool AND having fun! Pick up some water balloons, and try out some of these games for kids of all ages!

  1. Water Balloon Fight- the original water balloon classic!
  2. Water Piñatas- Hang your water balloons and grab a stick!
  3. Water Balloon Toss- Stand directly across from your partner. Start off close, and with each successful toss and catch, take a step back. Continue until someone gets wet!
  4. “Hot Water” Balloon- Just like Hot Potato, but a little colder!
  5. Water Balloon 3-Legged Race- Have each racer hold an individual balloon. Who ever wins, gets to throw the unbroken balloons at the opponents of their choice!
  6. Water Balloon Catch- Use the belly part of your shirt to throw and catch the balloon.
  7. Water Balloon Egg Relays- Carry your balloon on a spoon! This is really tough, so it may be easier to use serving spoons.
  8. Water Balloon Shot Put- Who can shot put their balloon the furthest?
  9. Water Balloon Tag- Whoever is “it,” carries the water balloon. If you get hit and the balloon breaks then… “Tag you’re it!!”
  10. Water Balloon Dodge Ball- Just like regular Dodge Ball, but be careful the balloons do not break on the ground before starting. Play nice—No hitting in the face!!!
  11. Water Balloon Volleyball- 2 teams of 2 people stand holding each end of a towel. Use the towel to catch and throw the water balloon over the net!
  12. Water Balloon Art- This is compliments of my 5 year old niece—throw balloons onto the ground, and look at all the pretty designs you can make.
  13. Water Balloon Darts- Hang up some balloons (the smaller the easier), and see who can hit the target!
  14. Pin the Tail on the Water Balloon- This is for older kids, but still make sure an adult is around for safety reasons.
  15. Water Balloon 500- You need one person to be the thrower and a group of people standing a good distance away to catch. The greater the distance, the older the kids. When throwing the balloon, the thrower announces a number value to the balloon.  If someone catches the balloon, they get the amount that was called out.  Continue this until someone racks up 500 points. To make the game longer, the thrower can call negative numbers.

Tweet us pictures of playing these games, and stay cool out there!!!

- Kelli

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