Birthday Marquee

We would all love to put our children’s name on a giant marquee to wish them a Happy Birthday, tell them we love them, or send a congratulatory message, however it is not really a feasible option. What could be the next best thing?! Creating a made to order marquee, specifically designed with their individuality and personality in mind!

My mother did this for me on my 21st birthday, and she made that a birthday I will never forget! I still have the sign she created. Each letter in my name was turned into a way to describe and celebrate who I was as an individual. It was awesome to read the words she used to describe me, and to show me how much she loved me in a fun and unique way! My mom definitely brought a smile to my face!

A fabulous little girl I know was about to turn 9, and I knew immediately I wanted to create her a sign she would never forget. I contacted her mom, dad, brother, and grandparents to help me out. Since she was going to be 9, I asked them to each to create a list of 9 words describing her. Now came the fun part! I went to the craft store to pick up supplies, and wow… all the options! I felt like a kid in a candy store! She was using lime green and hot pink for the colors of her spa birthday party (blog post to come about the party), so I figured I could not go wrong using the same colors. Then came accent colors… what young girl doesn’t love glitter and zebra print?! It was a no brainer! For the letters, I hand drew each one, but you could get stencils to make it easier. I really enjoy this kind of stuff, so I spent a lot of time on the placement of each individual circle and word. It was worth it, because I was really pleased with the final product.

This is an example of one letter up close:

While she was at school on the day of her birthday, I went to the house to hang the sign so she would see it immediately when she walked through the door. She LOVED it, and you could tell it made her feel so special. The plan is to now put it in a scrapbook, so she can keep it as a memento.

If you are interested in a one of a kind Birthday Marquee, but do not have the time to be creative and make one…. Contact us!


- Kelli

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