Candy, Costumes, and Pumpkins… Oh My!!!


A time for ghost stories, haunted houses, Boo at the Zoo, pumpkin patches, apple picking, mummies, witches, black cats, leaves changing colors, day turning into night earlier…


…AND most importantly…

…COSTUMES for Trick or Treat!

Halloween! A time for kids to let their inner creativity come out, in order to have the BEST costume in the neighborhood. Halloween is either an exhilarating or horrid time for children. It is the best (and only) excuse to eat as much candy as you can until you get sick, but also the opportunity to have problems with your costume!

I was not a huge fan of dressing up, especially if face paint was involved, so I went as a princess for about 3 years in a row! My favorite memories are actually from after Trick or Treating with my brother and sister. We would come home and immediately dump all our candy onto the floor in order to scope out our favorites. We would then take the time to put each type of candy into its own pile, and when we were finished, it was time for the annual candy trade. We would negotiate/argue how many Tootsie Rolls were a fair trade for a mini Twix bar, or if a Twizzler was equivalent to a mini Snickers— and then came the time, if you were lucky enough, to the full sized candy bars! If you got full size, you scored big! We had this sibling rivalry of who could get the most.

Here are some of Posh Sitter’s best and worst childhood costumes, as well as their favorite candy!

Allie P:

Best Costume: Dorothy, 7 years old, full on gingham dress and red sparkly shoes that my mom hand-sewed for me. It was awesome until…

Worst Costume: …it fell apart and was swimming around my ankles by the third house. I only got three measly kit kats. It was depressing! But awesome!

Curry D:

Best costume– Me as snoopy (my dad as charlie brown & my mom as lucy)

Worst costume– The wicked witch of the west (green face paint and lots of warts= so scary/ ugly)

Favorite candy Rolos (still a favorite)

Morgan W:

Best Costume: 50’s Poodle Girl

Worst Costume: I can’t think of one but if I had to chose it was when I dressed up as Baby Spice in 4th grade- I’m not sure anyone knew who I was!

Favorite Candy: Candy Corn- Hands down!

Melanie P:

Your Costume: A Ballerina

Worst Costume: A Mouse

Favorite Candy: Snickers!

Molly R:

Best Costume: Pink Ladies with my friends

Worst Costume: I dressed as a devil but refused to wear the horns or tail so I was just in a red dress.

Favorite Candy: Candy corn or anything with chocolate and peanut butter

Samantha Y:

Best Costume: Pebbles from the Flinstones (my younger brother was Bam Bam)!!

Worst Costume: A black cat (which literally meant I wore all black and stuck a black sock on the back of my leggings for a tail.

Favorite Candy: I’ve always loved candy corn!

Lauren T:

Best Costume: A genie

Worst Costume: Barbie because I tripped on my dress and scraped my knee

Favorite Candy: anything sour!

Jenny N:

Best Costume: For my last ever “official” Halloween I was a fairy. I was 13 or 14 and I got 90 percent of my costume from a renaissance festival we had every year. It included a head piece, wings, skirt, and frilly little things that went on my arms. I went all out on my pink/white/glitter face make up. I’m certain I was the best fairy!

Worst Costume: I was Britney Spears when I was 10. I’m pretty sure this was the result of my love for Justin Timberlake. HA!

Favorite Candy: I’d say Snickers, but that’s just my all time favorite candy. So I’ll go with Dum-Dums or candy corn for when I was a kid.

Leah M:

Best Costume: My mom made me a pink dress that I used several years in a row to be a princess/Cinderella

Worst Costume: I don’t think I ever had a bad costume

Favorite Candy: Snickers

Enjoy your Halloween, and be sure to steal a few pieces of your own favorite candy from your children’s stash after they are in bed! 🙂

- Kelli

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