I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

If I could eat nothing but ice cream for the rest of my life (and still be healthy), I would be thrilled! On a hot summer day, or even during a blizzard, I LOVE ice cream! In 1984, Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream month. Check out these oldies but goodies and new ideas for your next ice cream craving!!

  1. The Classic Ice Cream Sandwich—a new twist is to make your own using your favorite cookies
  2. Ice Cream Pie—to make life easier, run to the store and pick up a cookie pie crust, Oreo or graham cracker is my favorite. Stir together your favorite basic, softened ice cream flavor with some Cool Whip. Next add your favorite toppings and mix. Finish with some chocolate sauce. My favorite finish is to melt some peanut butter and drizzle on the top. Freeze over night, and enjoy tomorrow!
  3. Classic Ice Cream Sundae or Banana Split
  4. Ice Cream Cake—There are many places where you can go out and buy a pre-made cake, however if you are looking to make one at home, try this. I find it easiest to use a loaf pan. The key is to layer. Start with an ice cream base. Next, place a layer of your favorite cookie; smashed cookies will be easiest to eat vs. a full cookie. Add a layer of your favorite fudge or peanut butter, and then another of ice cream. You can also add layers of candy or cookie dough.
  5. Ice Cream Cut Outs—Take softened ice cream and spread out in a 9×13 pan. Use cookie cutters to make ice cream shapes. This is great for the little ones and for holidays.
  6. Sierra Mist Float—a new twist on the classic root beer float. Use any lemon-lime flavored soda, and add a fruit flavored ice cream or sorbet!
  7. Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich—Put ice cream in between two Belgian waffles, or toast up some frozen waffles.
  8. Go out and pick up some frozen yogurt—my favorite place in the city, 16 Handles!
  9. “Healthy” Ice Cream Sandwich—Put Cool Whip in between two graham crackers and freeze!
  10. “Guess that Ice Cream”—Blind fold someone and have them try samples of different flavors. See who can guess the most flavors correctly!

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- Kelli

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