Interview Grandma and Grandpa!

Holidays = family get-togethers.

Family get-togethers = all generations from one family coming together.

This is an amazing opportunity for your children to interview their grandparents. Not only will your children get to know their grandparents on a new level, but they will also learn about where they come from and their culture. This will become an amazing memory all of you will remember and cherish for a lifetime!

You can go about this a few different ways. You can go the traditional route; sit down with pen and paper (or laptop/iPad), ask questions directly and immediately write down the answers. In my opinion, an even better way is to capture this memory on video. It is so easy now a days to record something, so why not?! I would suggest also typing up the questions and answers after just to have a hard copy.

Below are my interview questions. Check them out, and add some of your own! Let us know how your interview goes, and take a picture tag @poshsitting!

Interview Questions:

• When and where were you born?
• What are the names of your parents and where were they from?
• What are the names of your brothers and sisters?
• Did you have any pets growing up?
• What was your favorite show or movie to watch as a kid?
• What is your favorite show or movie now?
• Did you have a favorite candy or dessert as a kid?
• What is your favorite candy or dessert now?
• What did your house look like when you were a kid?
• Do you have a favorite childhood memory?
• Did you have to share a bedroom with your brother/sister?
• Did you play any sports?
• Did you play any musical instruments?
• How far did you go in school?
• Did you have a favorite subject?
• Were your parents strict?
• What would happen if you got in trouble?
• What was your favorite dinner your mom made for dinner?
• As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
• What was your profession as an adult?
• How did you meet Grandma/Grandpa?
• How did you propose to Grandma/Grandpa?
• What was your wedding like?
• What was mom/dad like as a kid?
• What did they do to get in trouble?
• What did you all do as a family?
• What do you remember from when I was born?
• Do you have any life advice or wisdom for me?


- Kelli

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