Our Sitters Favorite Summer Time Memories

 We all have special childhood memories that bring a smile to our face, from family vacations to birthdays, and everything in between. However, nothing brings a smile to our face like summer does. School was out and with no major responsibilities, there was just time for fun in the sun!! Here are a few of our Posh Sitters’ memories of their favorite summer activities!

  •  “Going up to Mamaw’s garden and picking the biggest, fattest, and roundest watermelon I could find. Mamaw would slice it open right there, and juice would dribble down our faces onto the tailgate.”—Rachel B.
  •  “I went to musical theater summer camp. I would spend my days singing, dancing, and acting at rehearsals. At the end of camp, we put on a full musical.”—Amy P.
  •  “Going to my family home in Avalon, NJ. We would go the beach, swim, eat ice cream, and play tennis with family and friends.”—Curry D.
  •  “My neighborhood friends and I would set up sprinklers, baby pools and a slip in slide in our yard. We then pretended to own our own private water park!”—Kasey O.
  •  “Playing capture the flag in the dead of afternoon with neighborhood friends, and then hopping right into the pool to cool down.”—Patrick M.
  •  “Swimming and jumping on the trampoline!”—Lauren T.
  •  “Play Ultimate Frisbee outside during theater camp. I wasn’t very sporty, but I surprised myself since I liked it so much. There was no pressure of intimidating gym class—just fun!”—Alana F.
  •  “Spending summers on the Cape—biking to Woods Hole and sailing.”—Alexandra K.
  •  “Arts and crafts was always my favorite pass time. I loved making home made ice cream! It was quick and fun activity to help beat the heat.”—Lauren B.
  •  “I would go on day trips to the beach. There is something about endless mounds of sand for castle building and splashing in the waves that takes me to my happy place.”—Kristi R.
  •  “Going to the park and meeting other kids. When you are younger it is always easy to interact in such a nice, innocent way, and that is something you do not get when you are older.”—Noelia J.
  •  “I grew up on a street filled with kids my age, and began each summer day ringing one another’s doorbells, asking our parents if we could come out to play. Those were the idyllic childhood times, just like in the movies.”—Lori S.
  •  “Camp!  I went to sleep away camp from age 11-16 and they were the best summers of my life!  I even met my husband there!”—Sarah A.
  •  “Going to the community pool and camping. These two summer activities changed my life in bonding with friends and becoming a stronger and wiser young adult.”—Andy M.
  •  “Going boating, camping and swimming with family and friends.”—Brandon M.
  •  “Catching crawdads with bacon and string. I was too picky to actually eat them, so I’d give them to family and friends.”—Rebecca M.
  •  “Having a water balloon fight with all of the neighborhood kids.”—Rena W.

- Kelli

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