The Super Bowl of Love

Super Bowl 2013 is officially over, so now it is time for the Super Bowl of Love 2013–Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s for school need to be prepared; the colors red and pink surround us; chocolates, flowers, and greeting cards are being purchased in mass quantities, and reservations are hard to come by! Did I mention all the paper hearts I keep seeing?!

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but it does not have to be just about romantic love. Valentine’s Day is a great reason to pass on a little love to all those other special people in your life.

If you are still looking to find that perfect gift for someone, or if you just are looking for a cute homemade valentine, here is a list of my favorites.

  1.  The Memory Jar- Use any container, preferably with a lid, and decorate the outside with ribbons, markers, paint, gem stones, etc. The goal is to make it unique, yet fitting to the recipient. Fill the jar with memories and mementos. This can be ticket stubs, photographs, cards, wrappers, etc. Also, be sure to write out memories you share with the recipient on pieces of paper to add to the jar.
  2. Mommy/Daddy & Me Book- Purchase a nice notebook or journal. I always prefer unlined pages, but lined pages will work well too. Make the notebook special. If this is a gift to mom or dad from the child, have the child help. Be sure to include “Mommy/Daddy & Me” on the cover. Write a letter on the first page to your child, explaining how this notebook is a way for you and your little one to write letters (or draw pictures) to each other. Leave the notebook on their pillow or in their backpack to read on their way to school, and wait for a response!
  3. Love Box- Pick up a cute box. Cut paper hearts out of pink, red, and white cardstock. The more the better! On each heart, write a reason why you love this special someone, a date that is important to you both, a love quote, or a memory.
  4. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer- Purchase these cookies from You will not only buy a delicious treat for someone special, but also help the fight against pediatric cancer.
  5. Bumble Gum Valentine- Fill a jar with holiday colored gumballs. Attach a note that states, “Blowing Valentine’s Day Kisses and Wishes Your Way!”
  6. Friendship Bracelet Valentine- Attach a note to a friendship bracelet that says, “My life would KNOT be the same without you!”
  7. Snail Mail- Send your kids a special Valentine or Valentine’s gift through the mail. Kids LOVE getting mail!
  8. A Gift for Yourself- Purchase a blank journal. Starting on February 14, 2013, write a quote, one thing you are grateful for, or one thing you love about your kids or significant other, on each page, that’s it! Starting February 2014, use it as your daily journal. You are going to love reading each quote and what you were grateful for a year earlier!

Gifts from the heart always make someone feel special! Anyone who receives one of these gifts will truly be touched and feel love. Do not forget to use lots of pink and red!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!

- Kelli

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