Why we love kids

To us, there is nothing more rewarding then working with children! Hear from a few of our sitters on why they love caring for your little ones!

  • “I really like kids because of how genuine they are. It’s awesome to watch how much fun they can have doing something.” – Mike G.
  • “Kids remind me not to take life too seriously and that there is always something new to learn!”—Alexandra K.
  • “I have been taking care of children for almost 15 years, and it still fascinates me to watch them learn and teach themselves new things everyday.  I really love watching a child progress and I feel honored to be a part of their growth!”—Alissa S.
  • “Kids are open and honest individuals who are exploring this world with a freshness and yearning to learn more.  A child’s spontaneity and energy often keeps me on my toes and provides countless hours of laughter.  This in turn allows me to look at the world a little differently and many times in a more positive light.”—Patrick M.
  • “I love kids for their honesty and earnestness. I also love that they are willing to talk to almost anyone about anything! I think we adults could use a little more of these qualities in our own lives.”—Brittany V.
  • “Kids allow me to access my silly, imaginative, and uninhibited side! They give me the opportunity to spread some of the positive lessons and gifts I’ve received throughout life, and to learn things from a totally new and awesome perspective!”—Ashley B.
  • “I love the playful honesty that kids have, as well as, how curious they are about everything.  Kids remind us all to really cherish everyday by learning, growing and having fun.”—Andy M.
  • “I love knowing that I can make an impact on a child’s life and be someone they will remember in adulthood. Plus, kids really do say the darndest things!”—Amy P.
  • “I love working with kids because they are pure and natural and silly- a great study when you want to be an actress. I love how receptive they can be, and eager to learn, and I embrace the opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives. And they are more fun to play games with than adults!!”—Alana F.
  • “Children have such big and bright imaginations, so I have no choice but to feed off their positive energy. I enjoy working with children and watching them grow intellectually and socially. Seeing a child smile and knowing that you contributed to it, is definitely most rewarding for me. I mean, who doesn’t love unexpected hugs and smiles from such innocent creations?!?”—Ginnette P.
  • “I love working with children because they challenge & inspire the way I look at and engage with the world around me. There is nothing more exciting than a child’s imagination!”—Lauren B.
  • “What I enjoy most about kids is their continually fresh perspective on life. Their curiosity and excitement never fails to humble me.”—Rebecca M.
  • “I love kids for their curiosity and constant willingness to explore.  They’re so creative and always amaze me with their never-ending questions!”—Allyson B.
  • “I have a genuine passion for children; something about their youthful energy and unique imaginations strikes a playful note inside me.  I grew up a responsible big sister to several younger siblings making me a natural caretaker and excellent role model.”—Kristi R.
  • “I love being around children, because they remind me that life is full of simple pleasures. When I’m with young children, I’m uplifted by their energy, innocence, and joy. I love being able to share in their happiness and hopefully bring more smiles to their faces.”—Rachel B.
  • “Kids challenge me to maintain a sense of creativity and humor and remind me of what’s really important. Few interactions are more rewarding than making a little boy or girl laugh or think about something new.”—Lori S.
  • “Kids’ smiles, laughter and quirky comments about the world and the way they view it, are a few of the reasons why I love kids.”—Alyssa S.

- Kelli

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